Bill 118 precautions

Within the next few days police in Ontario will begin to pull over drivers they see texting or talking on cellular telephones. It is entirely likely that some amateur radio operators, who are legally exempt from Bill 118, will be stopped if they are seen to be operating their mobile radio equipment.

In order to prevent any unnecessary delay, amateurs in Ontario should consider carrying a copy of their Certificate of Proficiency plus a copy of the exemptions section of Bill 118. (Here’s a link.)

While such stops maybe annoying, the ability to produce these documents quickly would likely prove helpful.

If you are stopped by police for operating your two-way radio equipment RAC would very much like to hear from you. We will be keeping a record of any such stops for possible future use in our ongoing talks with government officials.

Any information can be forwarded to

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  • Doing what you suggest is a good idea. However, it may not save your bacon anyway. This story from eham will give you an idea of what we’re in for it we don’t get this thing overturned.

    NYC Ham Ticketed for Using ‘Cell Phone’ (Really a Ham Radio):
    from Joe, W2JLH on December 8, 2005
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    Guilty Guilty!

    Back on May 12 2005 I received a “cell phone in use” ticket on 23rd Street and FDR Drive Manhattan. The Hearing was today and the judge found me guilty.

    How it unfolded:

    I am so angry I feel violated and I feel every Amateur Radio Operator recieved a ticket today.

    The officer swore in and explained that “he saw me using a cell phone, pulled me over and explained that I cannot use a cell phone while driving”. The judge asked If I wanted to speak I said “Your honor, after the officer stopped and explained that he was going to give me a ticket for “cell phone in use” I told the officer that this was not a cell phone it is an amateur radio” I explained to the judge that I was a licensed amateur radio operator and handed him my original license and also pointed out that my license plate was an amateur radio license plate. I also presented a written letter from KC2CBA Tom Golero which was notorized and explained that at the time of the incident I was talking to him on amateur radio like we do every morning.

    The judge did not buy it and I told him, “your honor with all do respect NYC TRAFFIC LAW TITLE 7 ARTICLE 33 1225C (B) DEFINES A “MOBILE TELEPHONE AS ONE CONNECTED TO A PUBLIC SWITCH”. Amateur radio is not connected to a public switch its Radio to Radio.

    Then he opened his law book read it but still was in doubt. He asked me to describe the radio and how I was using it. I described the Mobile radio and made it clear that it was a microphone with a cord held in front of my mouth. THAT WAS ENOUGH FOR HIM TO HEAR AND HE SAID I WAS GUILTY because I held it in close proximaty to my ear.

    We all got a ticket today.

    I will appeal. I contacted George Tranos ARRL Section Manager NYC/LI and informed him. Unfortunately he was not there so I left a message and my number.

    I might need all the help I can get for this guys.

    Lets Make Noise!
    Joe W2JLH

  • i need point out that section 13 (1) states quote….valid radio operator certificate issued under the radio communications act (canada) . this means that our good friends visiting from united states of america do not have this exemption and will be ticketed immediately .

  • Simply pull out out of all public service activities until this law gets amended. Harsh as it may seem, and maybe it will not have any effect, but the time has come to take a stand. If the legislative bodies don’t want us using our gear while mobile, then there goes storm watching in the midwest, voluteer activities, a.r.e.s , no emerg services back-up drills, et.c .
    Do the emergency service personel get any special safety training in mobile radio use? Of course not, Yet they can supposedly endanger everyone.

    We regret to inform you that in order to comply with the this bill we must cease any and all involvement with your activities.
    Wild fires, tornadoes, natural disaster, terrorist attack, Sorry can’t help. Don’t know how to operate my rig while mobile. Don’t even have one due to the law. Have a secure day!

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