Even IC swept up in Bill 118

Despite the assertions of some hams that amateur radio mobile operation in Ontario is exempt from provincial leglistation since we are federally licensed comes this information from a very recent meeting between Radio Amateurs of Canada officials and officials with Industry Canada. Seems even inspectors working for Industry Canada must comply with the provincial legislation because they too are subject to the Ontario Highway Traffic Act when they drive on public roads in Ontario.

While all amateur radio operators should support safer driving legislation such as Bill 118, we contend that the proper, responsible use of mobile amateur radio two-way radio transceivers does not contribute to distracted driving. And, we believe that given the support of amateur radio operators across Canada we can provide compelling data that supports our contention. And, further this initiative must come from those of us who truly care about amateur radio and safe mobile operation. It is not the responsibility of one ham who writes a blog :) …. It’s not the responsibility of Radio Amateurs of Canada which is merely (and I use this term not to minimize RAC’s effect but to bring attention to RAC’s limited resources) a small group of volunteers. It’s the responsibility of every single one of us who cares about amateur radio and our ability to provided communications services to our local communities and to freely enjoy our hobby.

Now is the time for those of you who do care about amateur radio to ban together. Amateur radio has long been referred to by some as the secret brotherhood (and increasingly over the years a sisterhood as well). We are everywhere but to the public we remain largely unknown. Our achievements and sometimes moments of heroic service have gone unacknowledged. We have remained modest and quiet for too long.

We have a compelling story to tell. We need to begin to tell it to all who will listen. Who will join us in this campaign for change?

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  • I’m willing to help. BTW it appears that Spectrum Management Officers ARE exempt. Looks like Mr. Bradley didn’t want to fight with them. He’d lose.

  • Ah…took another look. They’re exempt from ‘display screens’.
    Still no word from my MPP (it’s been two weeks now) or a reply from the Minister of Industry.

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