Ontario hams reacting to Bill 118

Bill, VE3MEW, among other amateurs in Ontario is looking for help from other hams to convince the Ontario Ministry of Transportation to adopt similar wording as used in Manitoba to exempt the use of two way radios from the distracted driving legislation. Bill’s research has found that Quebec, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland/Labrador did not mention any other electronic device other then cell phones and their legislation is designed to control only the use of a cell phone in a vehicle. Bill can be reached at wgcarew@pipcom.com

Here’s a link to the Manitoba information:


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  • richard appleyard

    bill 118 does a disservice to amateurs as whole for as i know ham radio operators todate have never been involved in a motor vehicle incident with other vehicles and pedistrians the same goes with other 2way radio service sections..with dynamic noise cancelling mikes there is no need to have the mike up close.the only time i use the autopatch while mobile is when i am stuck on one the great parking lots or i request another ham on home base to bring up the patch and dial the number.rac has to be more vigourus in the defense of amateur mobile ops and get the the minister of transport to review the legislation in force in other provinces regarding ham radio mobiles. i was stopped yesterday oct 26th and warned about using my radio and bill 118 if this is the case my mobile will be coming out

  • I’ve posted an opinion piece on this issue at my blog: http://ve9qrp.blogspot.com/2009/10/ontario-bill-118-musings.html

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  • i will not purchase or install anything foreign to my radio . my radio works very well now all by itself . i dont have the funds available for “any” un-necessary expenses “of any kind” thanks to an “x-wife” . therefore if i am not allowed to use my radio it will be removed from the vehicle and i will not be able to volunteer for canwarn or ares . since the radio is not in the vehicle but collecting dust on the shelf i might as well give it back to the owner and surrender my privilages obtained by examination .

  • If the “Hands Free” operation law to all amateur and private mobile 2-way transmitters while driving, is not exempted by the Ontario Government, then it’s time we make the Ontario Government stand up and abide by their very own traffic laws, that they have placed on us. Make them go “Hands Free” as well, with no exemptions. Think about it. They say to us, the technology is out there, so use it, and begin using “Hands Free” equipment, if your going to use a 2-way transmitter while driving.

    Now here’s a Good Example of why they shouldn’t be left exempt from their own Ontario Bill 118, “Hands Free legestalation:

    A single police officer driving in a squad car, which has a curser computer, multi- channel 2-way tranceiver, a mobile “on/off” repeater setup within the vehicle, also uses a cell phone for private communications to station, and heaven knows else where, operates sirens and lights when needed, maybe even be required to write on a writing pad while driving on Ontario’s roadways, and has one hot souped up curser under their backsides to boot. These are the conditions the single, lone officer in a squad vehicle has to work with every day, even if they are feeling out of sorts on any one given day they are working, from the party they maybe attended the night before, who knows. We all have our down days, and headaches. These conditions are far more distracting, and dangerous on Ontario’s roadways, than any amateur 2-way mobile radio station would ever be in, yet the Ontario Government seems to feel fit to exempt them completely in Bill 118. The danger factor here multiplies greatly, while in a speed chase, persuing someone, in another fast speeding vehicle.
    If we are not exempted in Bill 118, THEN!!, we the common public of Ontario, should force the Ontario Government to also become “Hands Free” with all their government vehicles (with None excluded). By doing this, we end up having all the public’s support all across Ontario, and maybe across Canada, instead of having them on our backs as enemies, wanting us to drive with “Hands Free” radio equipment. One thing I will say is, that we amateurs will be in the lime light of the news media, if this happens, and the common public will be quickly reminded on who we are, and what we have provided in services for them, absolutly “FREE” of charge in the past. It will make the pubic sit up and take notice to our wishes, and cause, for a change, where the Government of Ontario is plugging their ears to our requests for exemption.
    I say, … What’s good for the gander, is also just as good for the goose, and the Ontario Government should be the ones out there, leading the way, and not exempting themselves from their own traffic laws. They have given us excuses in saying they want us to go totally “hands Free”, saying we as amateurs pose a great threat to others using the roadways, by operating a 2-way transmitter, with the type of “PTT” microphone” we are using today. I wonder what excuses they will provide us ( John & Jane Doe pubilic), in remaining exempt in Bill 118 themselves, when their mobile transmitters operate in the very same manner as our do, right now. Basicly, there is no excuse to remain exempt for them, and should be made to comply with their own traffic laws in Bill 118. We just say back to them, “The technology is there, so use it”, in the very same manner as they bluntly told us. Instead of asking for an exemption in Bill 118, we should be demanding the Ontario Government comply to their own demands, and become “Hands Free” themselves, with everyone of their government vehicles. I’m sure the common public still has a bit of a nasty taste regarding this new bill, and will agree on this issue quite readily, and make a big huge stink about it to their MPP’s, and Queen’s Park. They’re pushing us, so why not push twice as hard right back, each time they push us backwards. In this manner, we have all the public on our side, and not theirs. It’s a thought worth thinking about, and setting up, seeing they are refusing to listen to our requests.
    73 Wayne va3grp

  • You know, after I have re-read my comments above, I find myself seeing an equal rights issue, between those who operate 2-way and Amateur radio equipment, and the Ontario Government and their same usage of 2-way radio transmitters, in both vhf and uhf bands in mobile vehicles in the province of Ontario.
    The way I feel about it, is that no Government should impose any law on others, that they themselves are not willing to abide by themselves. The Ontario Government, being the law makers, should infact be the first to abide by the same rules and regulations they make for others, but in this case, they feel they’re above reproch, and the law doesn’t apply to them. This is seen in cases where the Police at times are seen breaking laws we have to abide by and seem to get away with it, specially traffic laws. Speeding when not in a police chase, or travelling with their lights and siren active. If they are not called upon to arrive at a specified place in a hurry, then their speeds should remain the same as all other drivers using the roadways. Being in a curser, or dressed in a uniform, doesn’t give them the right to drive over the posted speedlimits, at anytime, unless it’s an emergency of somesort, but they do, and they get away with it.
    Maybe this is an equal rights issure, and maybe a lawyer should be asked if it is such. Police fire and ambulance vehicles, have the same type of transmitters we have, but working on other freqs. They are exempt in Bill 118, so…why are we not exempt as well? Again I say, what’s good for the big Goose, and also right for the little ganders.
    Any comments to my colum?
    73 Wayne va3grp

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