Are you in band?

The W1AW Frequency Measuring Test takes place on Nov. 12 at 0245 UTC (remember that’s this is Wednesday evening, Nov. 11 at 9:45 EST). For anyone who hasn’t participated in this unique contest, the FMT can be a real eyeopener. The basic techniques are described here in the Oct. 2002 issue of QST.

Today’s modern digital transceivers are pretty accurate when compared to the old days when our tube-equipped receivers needed a half an hour just to warm up and stabilize. We used 100 kHz crystal calibrators (they put out a signal every 100 kHz) to calibrate the radio dials (which often consisted of a pointer that was moved by strings on pulleys).  Back in the 1960s my dad, VE3FWR and later VE3HG owned an HQ170 hq170which if memory serves me had 17 tubes. Along with his Heathkit tube transmitter the basement ham shack was always a warm and cosy place.

So if you’re one of the brave (or is it foolish) folks who think they can operate within a few Hz of the band edge, this might be the test for you.

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