Official notice of New Executive

Here’s the RAC official bulletin in regards to the announcement of our new executive team.

(BTW if there’s any question about why the blog announced this news ahead of the official bulletins, the official bulletins need to be translated in both official languages. It would be great if this blog was in French and English but your humble servant flunked out of high school French, a failure which I have always regretted.)

RAC Bulletin 2009-035E –  New Executive Announced.

During a RAC Board of Directors’ teleconference meeting  held by the Nomination Committee Chair Bj Madsen, VE5FX,  on October 29th, 2009, the following new members of the Executive were elected:

Geoff Bawden, VE4BAW – President
Paul Burggraaf, VO1PRB – Secretary
Margaret Tidman, VA3VXN – Treasurer

These individuals will assume their respective responsibilities on January 1, 2010.

Subsequent to the October 29th meeting, the following Directors and Officers submitted their resignations:
Bob Cooke, VE3DBD (former President) – effective October 31, 2009
Geoff Smith, VA3GS (former Ontario South Director) – effective  November 1, 2009
Noel Marcil, VE2BR (former Quebec Director) – effective November 1st, 2009

The remaining positions on the executive will be unchanged as the current officers were acclaimed.

First Vice-President Ian MacFarquhar, VE9IM, pursuant to the RAC By-laws, will assume the duties of President until December 31st, 2009.

The Board and Executive extend their most sincere thanks to Geoff and Noel for their past service to RAC and wish them
all the very best in their future endeavours. The Board also extends its thanks to Bob Cooke for the time he has devoted to RAC as a past Director, Past Vice-President of Field Services and as President during rather challenging times. Bob’s involvement with RAC began in the early 1990s as an Assistant Director. He was elected as Ontario South Director in 2001 and served in that capacity until January 2005. Bob was subsequently elected as Vice President, Field Services in January 2006 and served in that role until February 2009 when he was asked by the Board to assume the responsibilities of President of RAC.

The dedication and commitment of volunteers like Bob, Geoff, Noel, and many others, result in Canadian Amateurs having a voice which is heard locally, provincially, nationally and internationally, and they are to be congratulated for their outstanding contributions.

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  • I am very curious as to why we are placing new unknown names in ranks of pres., vice pres., and treasurer at this time.
    Why did not the existing president stay until the new president was installed? Is there a problem in the administrative body of RAC? A lot of executive members have abandoned their seats in the last few years and I would like to know the truth behind their leaving. Please don’t give the standard reason of they want to be with their families, health reasons etc. Or is it just plain infighting in RAC which will lead to the demise of RAC.

    I want to know!

  • I tried to write a similar question yesterday but gave up thinking I was not being tactful enough. However, I too would like to know if there’s been some kind of ‘power struggle’ going on. We do need a stable organization to represent us.

    I have not been a member in a few years. It was not until this damn cell phone thing came about in Ontario that I even discovered this blog. I would like to say that although I don’t always agree with Peter (VE3HG) he does a bang up job here and is to be commended for his effort. Once the dust settles a bit, I will be re-joining RAC. It really is better if we all work together.

    I’d also like to make a comment about ‘new’ people. WELCOME! I know you’ll bring some new ideas and a fresh perspective. I was 15 when I earned my first ‘ticket’. That was 5 decades ago and I wouldn’t have enjoyed this wonderful hobby for so long without the mentoring and help I have received from other hams over the years. So let’s pitch in and help those who are new here.

  • Based upon the emails and other contacts I have had from and with Radio Amateurs since October 31, 2009, David Wilson is not alone in his quest for understanding.

    I invite anyone who wishes further information to read the open letter which I sent to the RAC Board, Executive and Members three months ago. That, at least, will give insight as to my reasons for resigning and provide answers to questions that have not been addressed elsewhere by anyone else.

    To my knowledge, that honest, straighforward and non-partisan letter was never reproduced in any official RAC venue but may be seen at

    I trust this message will be displayed here on the RAC Blog.

    Incidentally, contrary to RAC bulletins, including the one posted on this blog, and notices in The Canadian Amateur magazine, my call sign remains VE3BDB, NOT VE3DBD.

    Thank you.



  • I join Brian in congratulating Peter West for his hard work and the initiative displayed in creating this blog, despite what might be termed some expressed initial displeasure on the part of one individual within the organization.

    Thanks for pressing on with your idea, Peter. This forum has the potential of being a very important source of reality news and discussion.

    I also repeat my congratulations (extended in my open letter) to the new members of the RAC executive and wish the RAC every success.

    In regard to any suggested “power struggle”, let me say it was more a matter of common sense, at least from my perspective. There certainly was no struggle for power on my part. As for the purpose of others, one must make his or her own judgement after becoming acquainted will the facts. I again refer readers to my open letter.

    As C.E. Stowe is quoted as saying: “Common sense is the knack of seeing things as they are, and doing things as they ought to be done.”

    I freely and unblushingly admit to being a staunch follower of common sense.

    Finally, I thank Brian for his stated decision to re-join the RAC. A strong national advocate body is absolutely crucial for the future of Amateur Radio in this country. That strength must come, in large part, from concerned, active and knowledgeable members willing to put aside personal aspirations and stand up for the common good.

    Again, I trust this posting will appear on the RAC blog.

    Thank you.


    (not VE3DBD)

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