GlobalSET 2009 one week away!

This from Doug Mercer VO1DTM (RAC CEC), Vice President Field Services, IARU Emergency Communications Coordinator Region 2

Many thanks to those of you who have registered for GlobalSET 2009. We are just a week away! Remember the event takes place on Saturday, November 14 from 1800 – 2200 UTC. Frequencies are the IARU Center of Activity frequencies which are:

15M – 21,360
17M – 18,160
20M – 14,300
40M – 7,060
80M – 3,760

all +/- QRM

As a general comment, 14.300 will likely be used by the Maritime Mobile Service Net (MMSN) during the SET, so stations in Region 2 who are unable to contact Region 1 stations may be able to relay formal traffic through this net.

If you’re not participating why not monitor the activity and see how a global SET works?

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