Sheridan students in the news

Getting amateur radio into the mainstream news during ongoing news events such as the Haitian earthquake has never been an easy job. And while we don’t want to take advantage from someone else’s misery, we do have a legitimate story to tell about volunteerism and technology and how ordinary citizens can make a tremendous difference to alleviating the pain and suffering of their friends and neighbours.

The Emergency Management program at the GTA’s Sheridan College was featured in an article in Toronto on Tuesday preceding the disaster in Haiti by a few hours. While there wasn’t a mention of ham radio, Nigel Johnson, G4AJQ/VE3ID, a professor at the college says some of the students are studying for the amateur radio ticket.

If you or your club is participating in a newsworthy event, we’d encourage you to share it with your local media (and do so promptly as the activity is happening or better still prior to any special event. News ages quickly. Old news is called history and is of no interest to news editors.).

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