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The new issue of WorldRadio Online magazine is available as a free PDF download. This is a great service from the good folks at CQ Magazine and a great way to get the latest information and commentary about amateur radio topics of interest.

BTW Haiti was hit by another 6+ magnitude earthquake this morning. There’s been some online chatter about why Amateur Radio isn’t being used by the helping agencies who are on the ground and the answers are obvious:

  1. The levels of safety and security are still too low to allow wide-spread influx of volunteers;
  2. The helping agencies are overwhelmed and understaffed and any additional burden of non-essential staff is unwarranted;
  3. Broken as it may be, Haiti is still ruled by the Haitians. Like it or not, we can’t just descend on Haiti without some official process and right now, there is none;
  4. Without sufficient training and an ability to feed and shelter volunteers, any amateur radio involvement at this time would be an unnecessary burden;
  5. Our time to help will come. There’s lots to be done and amateur radio will play an important supportive role in the near future. We need to be making preparations and growing our memberships in serving organizations such as ARES.

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