Welcome to D-Star in southern Ontario

The Toronto FM Communications Society has done it again. Pioneers in the building and maintaining of an extensive network of FM repeaters in southern Ontario, the Society recently announced the introduction of D-Star technology on the Toronto UHF repeater on 443.225+.

Here’s a link to more information at the Toronto FM Society’s website: http://www.tfmcs.com/6901/12232.html

To learn more about the powers of D-Star check out the Icom website at http://www.icomcanada.com/dstar/dstar2.htm or go to the wiki at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/D-STAR

Membership in the Toronto FM Society is a mere $25 per individual or $35 per family and they now accept payment on line via PayPal …and yes I sent in my membership for both myself (VE3HG) and my wife Marion (VE3HEN).

The Toronto FM Communications Society has repeaters on every band from 10 meters through to 1.2 GHz and with the exception of the D-Star system (which they are working on) members can link them all together providing unheard of communications range and flexibility.

(This information gratefully received via Mike VA3MW.)

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