Police get Bill 118 wrong

An article in The Lindsay Post quotes an acting Staff Sergeant with the City of Kawartha Lakes Police saying that amateur radio was not covered by the ban on hand-held devices as mandated by Ontario’s Bill 118.

Of course, the officer has misspoken however this may not be the first or last time we will be faced with this sort of misinformation.

Radio Amateurs of Canada is contacting the police service and would encourage amateurs in other communities who face similar erroneous understanding of Bill 118 or similar legislation in their province to immediate contact their local police service and offer a clarification.

Here’s a PDF of Bill 118  HTA- ON. Reg 366.09 with the amateur radio exemption clearly noted.

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  • So it’s OUR job to inform police?

  • In the news this past week on TV ( First week of Feb. 2010), Provincial Tops cops have expressed their desire, and need, to have a complete, and full ban of all 2-way mobile radios, Cell Phones, and Texting machines in vehicles, in each of their provinces, and if possible, all across Canada, regardless of Bluetooth capabilities, to allow both hands to be used on the steering wheel, while driving. This may well become a horror of a reality, and law, if they succeed in influencing each of their respective provincial governments to go along with them, in the very near coming future. BC’s Top RCMP Cop, and Ontario’s top OPP cop, have both expressed this week on TV, that this is what they are now seeking in the up-coming future in each of their respective provinces, and want other remaining provicial top cops to follow suit. A TOTAL, AND COMPLETE BAN…Straight across Canada…PERIOD!!!!!
    Either we get off our butts, and get down to work, in getting fully exempted, everywhere in Canada, or we’ll totally loose the use of our mobile transmitters while driving, even if it’s linked up to a Bluetooth device, if these TOP COPs succeed, and get their way. I couldn’t care less about the cell phones, and texting machines, being totally banned for good, but amateur radio mobiles,… now that just can’t be allowed to happen, specially when we’re “not the cause” to all these traffic accidents occurring on Canada’s roadways.
    Keep fighting for your rights to become fully exempted, everywhere in Canada.
    73 Wayne va3grp

  • I certainly understand the need for diplomacy in dealing with these misunderstandings over Bill 118. However, as a licensed Radio Amateur and a taxpayer I am more than a little indignant that the MTO and the police services have not done their due diligence to educate front-line police officers on this legislation.

    Yes, it is a complex piece of legislation if you read the fine print, BUT it does not take a rocket scientist to understand (and instruct officers) that 2-way radios of any description are exempt for 3 years. Period. Not a hard concept to grasp, folks. Isn’t it what many would call a “no brainer”? These misunderstandings did not need to occur.

    Joe VE3LNU

  • If you read the newspaper article, you will see that the treasurer of the local amateur radio club AGREES with the interpretation of the police sergeant that the use of a mic when driving IS banned unless it is an emergency!

    Presumably, therefore, practising for ARES and CANWARN incidents when mobile is a no-no – you can only use the mic when the emergency has actually occurred.

  • Apparently, the treasurer of the local club, Ernie, VE3ERN, either doesn’t understand the legislation as it stands or hasn’t bothered to read it for himself. According to the article in the Lindsay Post, both Ernie and the police officer are unaware of the 3 year exemption for amateurs. Need I say more?

  • There was a retraction placed in the Lindsay post, which Merv..ve3mrv so nicely sent to me. You can read this retraction by clicking below:
    Date of retraction: Friday Febuary 12th., 2010


    Thanks to the many hams that took time to write in emails that helped straighten this miss-understanding by ham oper. Ernie (ve3ern), the Lindsay Post, and the Lindsay Police Sgt. Robertson
    I wish our problem with Queen’s Park in getting exempted in Bill 118, could be as easy. This may have to go to court to finally be resolved, once and for all.

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