Need work? Apply here…

Yes you too can make the same amazing salary I make working for Radio Amateurs of Canada!

If you’re in the member services business (or want to learn), this might be your big chance to move on up to the big time as RAC is looking for the right someone to help assess members wants and needs, analyze the effectiveness of existing services and measure member satisfaction. Duties will include developing strategies to attract and maintain membersship. Best of all, the new position reports directly to Geoff Bawden, VE4BAW, the new president of RAC. To submit a resume just send it to Geoff at

So what’s the salary? It’s likely double what I make….which means I’m amply rewarded for my efforts solely be the satisfaction I get from helping the Canadian amateur radio community and so will this successful volunteer. :)

For even more satisfaction, RAC is looking for a volunteer with a background in insurance to help us administer and expand our insurance program. Anyone wishing more information is invited to contact Ian MacFarquhar, VE9IM, RAC’s first vice president at

RAC is also looking for a volunteer to help establish a philanthropy and grants program at RAC. Many other amateur radio associations (like the ARRL) have similar ways for members and their families to provide a lasting memorial that will help grow amateur radio. For more information on this exciting opportunity contact Ontario Northeast Director Bill Unger at

Finally, a paid position :)

RAC needs a client-focused, people-oriented individual to manage the member relations and sales side of things. This would include membership renewals, answering questions from members and prospective members. The position calls for someone who is proficient in both French and English, with a background in sales or marketing and is a licensed amateur radio operator. Hours are part-time to full-time at $13 per hour. Interested individuals should sent their resume to Geoff at

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