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The RAC Blog has been an experiment that has worked out wonderfully well.

This blog does not replace the official RAC Bulletins (which I try my best to reproduce here) or the amazing magazine The Canadian Amateur or the RAC website itself.

What a blog allows us to do is to enter into a conversation. This has happened often during the last year and I must admit I’ve enjoyed the comments that have been posted and the private e-mails that we’ve shared together. The blog averages several thousand hits a month (our top month was 6,000) individual visits. Now this isn’t Oprah or Dr. Phil territory but for an organization that has 5,000 members (or so) and represents roughly 20,000 to 25,000 licensed amateur radio operators across Canada and is moderated by a volunteer (me – VE3HG) I think we’re doing pretty well.

BUT, we could use more content produced by more contributors.

So if you’re publishing an online newsletter, a ham radio blog, videos from your club flea market or Field Day activity why not send me a link? If it’s of interest to Canadian hams, I’ll comment and provide a link to it. Just send me a comment. :)

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