RTTY Contesting

According to the Contest Club of Finland, RTTY contesting is the fastest growing contesting mode in the world. I love RTTY contesting. The emphasis of RTTY contesting is more on the equipment and less dependent on the the ability of the operator to decode the information in his or her brain.

As I grow older, this fact alone makes my RTTY experiences very positive. CW not so much and I don’t know about you but listening to a band load of contesters yelling in my headphones for 48 hours isn’t my idea of a great time (although it’s a lot of fun if you’re part of a multi-operator effort). Having said that, I do intend to be on this weekend’s ARRL DX SSB contest.

Today, some rigs, (notably ICOM’s newer equipment) can send and decode RTTY right in the rig thus eliminating the need for a computer and interface. Cool.

If you’re interested in learning more, Contest Club Finland held the world’s first RTTY Contesting School. Thanks to the ARRL Contesting Newsletter here’s a link to a PDF presentation that was part of the school.

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