RAC national teleconference

Here’s a first: As I type this post, I am participating in the national monthly teleconference of the Radio Amateurs of Canada’s executive. It’s a Tuesday evening in March and newly elected president Geoff Bawden, VE4BAW, is chairing the meeting and reviewing his priorities for the upcoming year. Now the actual board discussions aren’t for open posting but I can say everything I am hearing is positive and encouraging. It’s great to hear from our volunteers who are on the board and executive and to hear about the progress each is making in their own areas of responsibility.

I think it’s key to remember that (a) all of these folks are volunteers and (b) they are all working for the betterment of amateur radio in Canada.

Amateur radio in Canada is pretty healthy. Radio Amateurs of Canada is blessed to have so many folks working to make amateur radio an even better experience.

Do you have any thoughts on what you think amateur radio in Canada needs today? I’ve (VE3HG) got some thoughts and I’ll be posting more soon.

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  • Good evening…
    Yes, I have a comment to make regarding what I think Amateur Radio
    needs right now, particularily in Ontario.

    We need an amendment to the Cell Phone law, Bill 118 that is similar to
    the wording in the Manitoba and British Columbia law, exempting amateur radio operators and the operation of our mobile tranceivers.
    We have just under 3 years to get that exemption.

    Lets do a presentation to the new lady minister of transport similar to
    the one that Bill Gibbs did for the BC Amateur community.

    I am not happy that the province of Ontario is going to discriminate against me and treat me differently then the province of Manitoba or British Columbia.

    Cheers and my regards… Bill – VE3MEW
    Peterborough, Ont. CA

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