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Nobody likes to spend money needlessly. And nobody should spend somebody else’s money carelessly.

That’s why Radio Amateurs of Canada is governed by its Constitution. The Constitution is a rule book upon which we’ve all agreed to play by and the rules we use are found in Robert’s Rules of Order and are called parliamentary procedure. We might not like everything that’s decided by the members, but we can rest assured the decisions came forward thanks to due process.

Sometimes members question the results. This is a welcome part of parliamentary process. Here’s a case in point: A comment came up recently on this blog and at least one other about the cost of having the RAC books audited. The writer suggested it would be so much less expensive to have a “review” of the books as compared to an “audit.” The author of the comment said that the charges for legal and accounting costs were “outrageous.”

When I read that someone has categorized something as outrageous I have to ask compared to what? The RAC Constitution calls for an audit. An audit isn’t cheap and nor should it be. I’m a dues-paying member of RAC and I want to be reassured that my $50 was well spent by our volunteer board and executive. If our Constitution calls for an audit, then, like it or not, that’s what it’s got to be.

Now having said that, I know that every executive of any club or organization where I have served appreciates the opportunity to address a member’s concerns. Radio Amateurs of Canada is no exception. The volunteer board and volunteer executive will be meeting next month and you can bet that cutting costs will be right up there with increasing membership benefits as our top priorities.

Keep those comments coming in :)

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  • Surely an organisation as vast as the Radio Amateurs of Canada has its fair share of accountants and former (retired) accountants as members. Why not ask for qualified volunteers to do the job? If there then was a list of those prepared to offer their sevices then one could be chosen at random to do the audit, then if there were any questions another could be chosen in the same way to check the work of the first was above board. Using a different auditor each time would ensure there was no undue influence on the process. The cost saving would be worth the hassle, which might involve a constitutional change.

    Regards Steve GW7AAV

  • Greetings Steve!

    I concur with you absolutely on this issue. As you have stated, the RAC Executive can control some of the administrative costs by requesting volunteers to partake in accounting and reviewing tasks and other duties where permitted.

    Let’s ensure that our organization is increasing membership benefits – and not increasing membership fees! I know that this option has been proposed previously at RAC. We need to increase membership, reduce operation costs, and promote Canadian Amateur Radio!!

    The Directors may want to make an ‘Executive Decision’ and amend the RAC Constitution to allow a review rather than an audit.

    Many thanks!


    de James, VE2KHC

  • Greetings! I have been patiently awaiting some replies to my emails pertaining to the queries I have sent to the RAC Executives the past month of the 2008 Financial Statements.

    As the end of the Q1 ends, we have not seen an approved budget for 2010; and I cannot download the RAC past financial statements since they have not been uploaded to the website.

    My concern is the continued Net Losses that have become a trend with RAC. I have been requesting some additional details to the accounts so that I can perform an accurate comparative financial analysis and make a through understanding of the figures before asking further public questions. As the 2009 financials become finalized, this alarming position may not have been addressed.


    James, VE2KHC

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