The ARRL PR Committee

One of the fun things I get to do every month is participate in the ARRL’s national public relations committee teleconference. It’s a tremendous kick of me to represent Radio Amateurs of Canada on the teleconference and I have to thank the ARRL’s Media and Public Relations Manager Allen Pitts, W1AGP and Committee Chair, Bill Morine, N2COP for allowing me to participate.

It’s also a kick to realize that the PR committee serves the around 450 public information officers (PIOs). These volunteers help publicize ham radio by letting local media know what’s new.

The ARRL with its 160,000 or so members creates a lot of publicity and good ink for ham radio. Just check out QST (the ARRL’s excellent monthly magazine) which runs a column of PR activities.

Just like Radio Amateurs of Canada, the ARRL is involved in tons activities behind the scenes. We’re in for a very interest decade in ham radio across North America.

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  • The Radio Amateurs in Canada are lucky to have a person such as you, as a spokesman. It takes special skills for that role. It’s also good to see RAC having good working relations with ARRL, because pooling resources always leads to strength.

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