Diversity receivers and noise reduction

His post is going to take us down a very technical path. The linked YouTube video is from W9OY and is a demonstration of thediversity properties of the software-defined Flex 5000 transceiver.

In this demonstration we start off listening to the basic noise floor on 160 meters (which is pretty much how I hear 160 meters all the time) and then Lee walks us through how the Flex 5000 can make the signal so much more intelligible by introducing filtering and diversity receiving.

But there’s more. The Flex 5000 has two software defined receivers that Lee is feeding with two vertical antennas separated by about 3/8 of a wavelength. The software allows for the operate to “steer” the two vertical antennas for better reception. As Lee puts it: “Beam steering is accomplished by changing the phase and gain of one antenna relative to the other.”

This is likely the future of radio.

Thanks VA3MW for this link.

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