P3N on the air and Internet

P3N, the Russian station on Cyprus, is gearing up for the big CQ WPX SSB contest this weekend.

But if you want to work them before the contest, they’re on the air. Even better, they are streaming live video on the Internet so you can listen to what they are hearing at their end! Think about it for a moment. You’re calling (and they’re on SSB and CW. Today – Thursday – they’re on 20 meters. Listen for the pileup.) and if you’ve got your computer online you can listen to your own call just as if you were sitting at the operating position at P3N.

I tried them from here (VE3HG) and could clearly hear them work a VE6 and then I immediately called them but I heard nothing coming back :( Unfortunately my SB-220 amp is out for repair (I fried something in the 15 meter circuit) and I just wasn’t making the trip with my 100 watts to an Explorer up at 16.6 meters although they were a good S-7 here. The neat thing was I had a digital recorder running on my laptop so I had perfect audio to review at my leisure.

Anyway if you want to have some fun on the weekend and perhaps work some rare ones (watch for really weird prefixes for this contest), here’s a link to the rules.

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