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Here’s our second posting from RAC president Geoff, VE4BAW:

RAC is amateurs helping amateurs and it is important because all of us together are stronger than each of us alone.

I believe that there are only two kinds of amateurs: those that are RAC members and those that will be. To recruit new members all we have to show is openness, inclusiveness, effectiveness and credibility. These need to be the values of RAC.

I have been through a great many organizational reviews over the past years as organizations that I have worked in have struggled to identify the values that they wish to have at their core. Make no mistake, values are important because they are the standard to which decisions are measured against. Is the decision consistent with the values that the organization intends to practice and portray? An organization without articulated values is one which is at the mercy of the wind, of the latest fad, of the latest challenge whether imaginary or real. Values are the compass that keeps the organizational ship sailing without deviation through tempests, real or imaginary.

An organization can have many values and I have expressed four; openness, inclusiveness, effectiveness, and credibility.

There are often a great many words and sometimes many sentences in a value statement but I have always argued that in the end, after you have distilled away all the dross and lofty expressions there is left the most important value: credibility. Without credibility none of the other values will allow you to succeed.

I propose values for RAC: openness, inclusiveness, effectiveness, and credibility. I believe that with these values there are only two types of amateurs; those that are RAC members and those that will be.


Geoff  VE4BAW

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  • Greetings, all.

    As the result of recent disturbing news received concerning management of the RAC HQ office, I feel compelled to make a comment regarding the posting above by RAC President Bawden, VE4BAW.

    While I can and do certainly agree in principle with the president’s proposed values for the RAC, as stated in the aforementioned posting, I am alarmed and saddened that those same values do not appear to have been extended internally to the RAC Office or its Manager.

    I am referring to the fact that, according to information I have received but which apparently is not, as yet, general knowledge, the RAC Office Manager reportedly has submitted her resignation, effective later this month (April 2010).

    I was the RAC officer who, as president, was given the task last year of “fixing” what were seen by the board and others as serious shortcomings, at the HQ office in particular and with the health of the RAC in general. That included finding and hiring a new Office Manager.

    The current Office Manager came to the RAC with impressive credentials, as well as experience and abilities seemingly tailor-made for the RAC office.

    In addition, she projected a frank openness and impressive credibility, as well as ideas for an effective management style that was obviously inclusive in scope.

    I saw a bright light at the end of the dark RAC tunnel when the new Office Manager accepted the job late last September. In fact, in her first 30 days in the job, her hand began to make a difference. No knowledgable person can argue the fact that the paid position of Office Manager (formerly called General Manager) is the single most important function within the RAC corporation.

    Why she has now felt it necessary to tender her resignation after less than seven months in the job is a question that the RAC Board must answer, convincingly and without reservation, to the satisfaction of all RAC members.

    This loss, combined with the fact that Office Coordinator Guy Charron (who, because of his past years of working in the office, I brought out of retirement last year to help turn things around) resigned effective the end of last month (March 2010), should be of serious concern to the RAC Board, Executive and to every RAC member.

    With Guy gone and the new Office Manager about to leave, there will be NO ONE at the RAC HQ who has any idea of how the corporation operates day to day, not even the weekly volunteer or two whose job has never been to run the office.

    This removal of — or failure to recognize — experienced persons is becoming an all too-familiar occurrence within the RAC.

    In my open letter of resignation last October, I expressed a wish that the Board, then dealing with the concurrent resignation of the president and two elected directors, would be able to rise above the current situation for the good of the organization. (The letter may be see at http://www.qsl.net/ve3bdb/RACresignation.htm)

    Sadly, this latest reported event does not appear to support that wish in the least, nor does it enhance the RAC’s credibility.


    Bob Cooke
    (not VE3DBD, contrary to past RAC bulletins)

    “Common sense is the knack of seeing things as they are, and doing things as they ought to be done.” – C.E. Stowe

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