Lake Simcoe Repeater Association membership drive

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The Lake Simcoe Repeater Association is inviting members to renew their memberships and new members are always welcome.

Here’s what’ been happening for the club:

Over the past year we have moved the repeaters and packet radio equipment from our old site at the Adult Rehabilitation Centre (former Edgar Radar Station) to the Point-To-Point tower.  We are leasing an underground bunker (approximately 10 feet by 20 feet) which has been stripped of it’s old wiring and equipment, cleaned and painted out, and completely rewired to current standards.  The bunker is equipped with 7 19-inch racks for the equipment, which will shortly be modified with additional racks to reconfigure the multiplexer.

While the move is not complete yet due to tower climbing restrictions, we do have the two 2-metre and the 440 repeaters on air and multiplexed into antennas at or near the top of the 400 foot tower.  These are new (to us ;-) MSR-2000 machines.  We also have the packet radio user ports (145.07/145.710/445.950) operational using the tower antennas and the backbone link to VA3BAL operational using a temporary yagi on the bunker roof.  The 6-metre repeater and the remaining packet equipment will go on-air as soon as arrangements can be made with PTP and an authorized service agent.

The most recent news is that a DSTAR package is to be installed, likely within a month to six weeks.  The 2m and 440 machines should be on-air as soon as the anticipated frequency pairs are confirmed and the cans tuned.  Decisions on the 1.2 GHz voice and data components very much depend on funding for an antenna, etc.

We were given a very strong indication by the Government of Ontario that we should leave the former site prior to last Nov.  We’ve fallen on our feet with respect to the quality of the shack, the replacement of the repeaters, and the significant increase in antenna altitude (125 > 400 feet).  The down side is that our costs have also increased, from approximately $500 per year to an estimated $1200 to $1500 dollars per year — some of the costs will not be known until the end of our first operating year.

If you would like to continue supporting the Association I invite you to send a cheque for $20.00 to the Lake Simcoe Repeater Association, 42 Eileen Drive, Barrie, ON  L4N 4L6.  Please include your current mailing address, phone number and e-mail address.  If you are a RAC member your membership number would be appreciated (the percentage of RAC members determines our insurance costs).

Thanks Ian VA3QT for sending us this information.

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