Canada's Youngest Ham?

Andrew Copeland at 11 years old might be Canada’s youngest ham. He sure is one of the more famous. Andrew lives in Port Dover, Ontario and was recently featured in the Port Dover Maple Leaf (March 17, 2010) in a complimentary article about his achievements in amateur radio. He passed his exam back in December when he was 10 getting a 95 per cent passing grade. Andrew got interested in ham radio thanks to his dad Cary. Now both father and son are learning the Morse Code. Andrew is in grade 6 and is on the air as VE3NOA.

Congratulations Andrew.

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  • would be of interest to see who is actually the youngest ham operator in canada and who might be the oldest . would make a good picture on a yearly basis for the national magazine TCA to show both and congradulate them . VE3JVF (john) i believe is 9years young . VE3FDA (aaron) the father (both newly licenced) are learning morse code together .

  • Fantastic! We need to see many more young hams on the air…and us ‘old guys’ should be as helpful as possible.

    A couple of years ago I met a young ham from the Niagra region. I don’t recall his name but he was 11 at the time and a very sharp kid. I guess he’s a teen now…perhaps girls are more interesting than radios…? :)

    The more youngsters the better!

  • There might be a younger one in the Edmonton area. I’ve seen him visiting the NARC club site a few times with his father. (They both wrote the test at the same time. I think he got a better score than his dad but maybe I’m not supposed to tell anyone.)

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