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We’ve been contemplating creating a Facebook page for Radio Amateurs of Canada. I’ve been holding off solely due to time constraints but Facebook is the way of the future. Sooner or later I’ll break down and set up an account.

Here’s a link to CQ Magazine’s Facebook page so you can see how it works. Here’s a link to the ARRL’s Facebook page.

Facebook, like this blog, is just another way to keeping in touch and up to date. This stuff is fun to play with and best of all is free.

One of the newest trends we’re going to see is live streaming by hams as they operate. I wrote a post about the Russian contest station on Cyprus that was doing live streaming. Over the weekend I chanced upon a guy in Michigan talking to a couple of other U.S. hams on 40 meters. They were comparing antennas by watching the Michigan stations live Internet feed. This guy had a camera pointed at the S-meter on his IC-756 Pro III. This is cool stuff. BTW I was 20db over S-9 into Michigan on 40 running 100 watts into a Hy-Gain Explorer at 16 meters.

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