Just whose job is it anyway?

We got an email following the Ham-Ex event that takes place annually in Brampton, Ontario, pointing out that RAC did not have a display table at the event. This was true and unfortunate. And as I (VE3HG) am currently the only executive or board member who actually lives in the Greater Toronto Area, I suppose our emailer was anticipating that I should have showed up at Ham-EX. Actually I was there but I wasn’t there representing RAC. Maybe I should have been? After all, I am listed as the vice-president of public relations for RAC.

And this coming Saturday I could be at the 14th Annual IARC Fleamarket in Iroquois Falls. The next Saturday, I could attend the Maple Ridge ARC Swapmeet in Pitt Meadows, B.C. And the Saturday after that it would be nice if I was at the Durham Regional Amateur Radio Hamfest in Pickering and then on Sunday off to Winnipeg for the Winnipeg ARC’s Fleamarket.

Well, you get my point :)

I’m sure your executive committee could be doing a much better job getting out to all these events across the country but, like you, we’re volunteers too! Not only that, it’s simply not practical that one guy (me) or even everyone on the board or executive (all 15 of us) could get to every event in the country. So maybe we should look at this issue a little more closely. There’s a RAC board and executive meeting coming up and I’ve already suggested this issue be put on the agenda. Sure we should be represented at every event but logistically I don’t know how we could do it.

In the meantime, just like I suggested to our emailer about Ham-Ex: Maybe next year, some of your event’s organizers who are also RAC members might want to help out? After all, just whose job is it anyway?

Here’s another thought:

This is just one issue among many. As national representatives of amateur radio in Canada, RAC volunteers at many levels and from communities across Canada are working on your and my behalf by attending meetings and offering their contributions at the international, regional and local levels to protect and enhance our ability to enjoy our hobby. The recent work defending our ability (not our right) to use our radios while driving a motor vehicle in Canada is just one small example. Attending fleamarkets and other similar events is just another activity of the volunteers of your national organization. Want to backup your complaints? Then volunteer! I’ll set up a chair next to mine at the table :) Comments can be addressed to ve3hg@rac.ca

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  • Peter, I was one of the people looking for the RAC table at Ham-Ex. I had traveled down with a guy from our local computer club, and while at the swapmeet he started getting interested in ham radio. So I wanted to introduce him to RAC. I’m sorry that RAC didn’t have a table there, but I wasn’t about to complain, because I know how very difficult and expensive it is to maintain a presence at every swapmeet.

    I’ll bet there are many of us who would pitch in for an hour or two to help at the local swapmeet. But RAC would need to purchase the table, and provide the display, and volunteers would probably need a bit of training in how to respond to queries. This is a logistical problem that can be solved, but I expect the idea will need a “champion” to organize it and push it.

    I’m sorry that I can’t be the one to help coordinate this; I have my hands full with two RAC appointments already. But I will fill that chair next to yours, at the swapmeets I attend. Just leave me an hour for shopping. :)

    P.S. After we returned from Ham-Ex, I sent my acquaintance links to the RAC web page and to his local amateur radio club.

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