What are our core values?

I’ve been in the middle of a really healthy exchange of views today via email. It got me thinking to what just exactly are the core values of Radio Amateurs of Canada? I was wondering just what it is that we’re trying to accomplish to I went to the RAC site for some inspiration. The RAC Core Values are all about working together for the benefit of all hams in Canada (whether or not you’re a member).

I’ve been involved in amateur radio since the early 1960s and we always been fortunate to have had individuals who volunteered to help out whether at the national, provincial or local levels. And, it’s true we haven’t always been in total agreement, but we have survived and we have found ways to work cooperatively. This fact alone augers well for the future of amateur radio in Canada. And sure we’ve had our doomsayers over the decades but that comes with the territory as we’ve also had our advocates and dedicated volunteers. That’s one of things I love about amateur radio: There’s always been room in the “ham radio” tent for us all.

Here are the eight core values from the RAC website:

  1. We seek to reach all Radio Amateurs to help them improve their knowledge of Amateur Radio and their operating skills.
  2. We encourage the careful use of the radio spectrum needed to support our radio activities.
  3. We actively seek and protect adequate spectrum and antenna space for Amateur Radio activities and work in cooperation with other organizations and governments to ensure their availability at all times.
  4. We believe that Radio Amateurs have a responsibility to use their radio facilities to assist those in their community, especially in times of emergency or distress.
  5. We recognize the importance of good radio regulations in spectrum management as well as the active representation of the interests of Radio Amateurs in both domestic and international environments.
  6. We believe Amateur Radio is enriched by the diversity of backgrounds and perspectives found in Radio Amateurs.
  7. We are called upon to keep Radio Amateurs informed and up to date on Amateur Radio matters of interest to them by means of a magazine published regularly, regular information updates on the web site and by special news bulletins distributed when required.
  8. We believe Amateur Radio in Canada is enhanced and harmonized by a strong national association aided by local and provincial clubs and associations.

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