So what do I get for my $50?

This is a great question. After all, $50 is $50. It’s a dinner out with the XYL. It’s a new battery for the handi-talkie. It’s a new multi-meter.

So what happens to my $50 once I send in my Radio Amateurs of Canada membership? Okay I get the magazine. The Canadian Amateur is a 76-page glossy magazine that comes every two months. The Section News pages alone provide a window into the amount of amateur radio activity happening across Canada. If you’re reading the Section News, you know that ham radio is alive and well across the country.

So what’s my $50 buying me?

(And before I begin, forgive me for any omissions but let me know by email if I neglected your favourite RAC activity.)

Here’s a short list (in no particular order):

And there’s a ton of really worthwhile activities that I may have missed like The Canadian Defence of Amateur Radio Fund and an online list of events, fleamarkets and hamfests. There’s information about the very popular Scouts and the Jamboree On The Air annual event. Here’s a page of links for the VHF, UHF, Microwave and Moonbounce operators. There’s the always busy RAC Store. And the vital-to-our-future Youth Education Program. And finally, to give the ladies the last mention, the YL Page.

So is that all my $50 gets me? Nope. Your $50 makes you eligible to volunteer and help grow the amateur radio community in Canada.

To paraphrase John Kennedy’s famous quote: “Ask not what your RAC can do for you…

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  • Great list, Peter. There were a few items I didn’t know about (such as the Silent Key listing). I think there’s some overlap, but I know it’s a first draft. :)

    That list, or one like it, *needs* to be on the RAC web page. Prominently. Thanks for kicking it off.

  • Greetings! Why has the minutes of the RAC Executive on the website moved into the “Members Only” section?!!



    de James, VE2KHC

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