Join RAC Now. Save $$. Make Ham Radio Better!

This email was sent out by Dave Hayes, VE3JX. I understand it is being resent by other recipients to hams in Ontario and British Columbia. I’ve heard of several hams who have been renewing their membership for a three-year period to get the maximum savings! BTW if you are renewing, why not let the other hams in your community or club know that you’re supporting the growth of ham radio in Canada by joining RAC? If we all brought in one more member…  :)

Here’s Dave’s email message:

This message is primarily for Ontario & British Columbia amateurs.  If you were thinking of becoming a RAC member or renewing your current membership, now is the time to do it.

Here is why:

There is a one-time “window of opportunity” open until May 1st to save 8% (ON) or 7% (BC) on the future price of a RAC Membership.

Here is how it works.

As of July 1st of this year, the Harmonized Sales Tax will be fully implemented in two more provinces, Ontario & British Columbia.  That means that the total cost of an annual membership in Radio Amateurs of Canada will rise from $52.50 currently to $56.50 (ON) & $56 (BC). HST Transition Rules call for a pro-rated phase-in beginning May 1st.  As of May 1st, RAC will have to collect HST on the portion of the membership that is after July 1st.  Up until that date (May 1st), RAC only collects GST (5%) instead of the HST (13%-ON, 12%-BC).  Therefore, the cost of RAC’s annual membership will remain at $52.50 per year, until May 1st.

RAC offers 1-, 2-, & 3-year memberships.  Therefore, one can add-on to their existing membership up to 3 years more, or acquire a new membership for one to three years.  If purchased before May 1st, it is only $52.50 per year, saving $4 (8%) in Ontario, or $3.50 (7%) in BC.

RAC Membership is really a no-brainer.  We need RAC to represent our interests before national & international governmental entities.  No one else can advocate for us in these venues.  There are many other benefits associated with RAC Membership, such as liability insurance, bi-monthly magazine, outgoing QSL bureau, etc.  But the must-have need is a representative organization to protect and enhance the interests of amateur radio.  RAC is that national advocate in Canada.

Remember, you have approximately one-month to save on your RAC membership.  I think all of us will want to take advantage of the savings involved here.

Call RAC at 613-244-4367 or 877-273-8304, between 10am & 3pm, Monday to Friday.

Remember, you have only one month to save; on May 1st the savings end!

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