Hello Ottawa – The annual board meeting

Your national executive team and board of directors are meeting in Ottawa this weekend. This morning (Saturday) the RAC team will review the year’s progress and the opportunities for the upcoming year. I don’t know how much time I’ll have (if any) to blog but rest assured I’ll have lots to say after a day and a half’s worth of meetings.

Like all meetings, this annual meeting of the board of directors fill feature reports from the executive (president, first vp, vps of regulatory affairs, field services, international affairs, industrial liaison, technical and admin services and public relations. The treasurer will give a financial report and then we’ll break for lunch.

After lunch the standing (admin, financial, membership, youth education) and advisory (VHF/UHF band planning, MF/HF band planning, microwave band planning, RAC contests and incoming QSL bureau, Outgoing QSL bureau, DARF, RAC awards, antenna structures, ARDF and RABC) committees will report.

Next up comes the regional director reports followed by the CARAB report.

We’re anticipating a discussion of RAC in general and then we adjourn for the day.

Saturday we hear from the office staff and then we jump into the communications end of things which includes TCA, the news bulletins, blogging and Tweeting, website and hamfests.

There’s a ton of other stuff so it’s a big agenda and we’re going to get started at 9 am.

This is your RAC at work.

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  • Greetings! I diligently await the RAC 2009 financial statements. They should have be approved at this Executive meeting.

    Please post them to the RAC Members Section as soon as possible.

    Many thanks!!


    de James, VE2KHC

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