Day two

The second day of the annual board meeting of Radio Amateurs of Canada got underway with a working breakfast and a full agenda. VP of International Affairs Daniel Lamoureux, VE2KA, handed out some IARU Region 2 pins and we got underway with the day’s agenda. More to come…

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  • I see the annual board meeting is a face to face affair with it’s attendant cost. I certainly understand the value of meeting face to face as I travelled the world for many years to do that with customers and suppliers. BUT—having heard so much about the financial difficulties RAC has, I have to wonder why this couldn’t happen electronically, at least until the organization got out of the woods. I’m part of the VE6 incoming QSL bureau team (not supported by RAC) and see some of the pressures on the national incoming and outgoing folks to reduce costs. Our leaders need to lead by example.

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