The hot-button issues

So what were the hot button issues that came out of RAC annual board meeting?

  • RAC membership drive (which I am woking on and you will hear more about it very soon). If you want a stronger voice with Industry Canada and wish to maintain your spectrum space (see below), then renew your membership and convince your fellow hams to join RAC. We can build a much more robust national association by working together. A strong national voice is essential for the future of amateur radio in Canada.
  • Enhanced services to members (for a volunteer-run organization there are too many things needing to be done by too few hands but we realize that for your membership dues we have room for improvement. Stay tuned for more).
  • 60-meter frequencies for Canadian hams (RAC volunteers is working on harmonizing with US allotments)
  • Spectrum demands: The broadband communications industry values the spectrum space at $16-billion and the industry is running out of spectrum. Guess who next to the Canadian military has the most spectrum space? Ham radio! RAC President Geoff Bawden will be commenting more about this issue in a future blog. This is going to be a big issue for Canadian hams and ham radio around the world. If you’re not concerned about this issue, you should be.
  • On a secondary basis we’re going to enhance your web, blog, Facebook and Twitter contact with RAC. Plus we’re reorganizing the voluntary manpower needed to meet and greet you all at hamfests and other special events.

In addition to all the above, the RAC board and executive members created new ways to administer the organization which will result in better service to you and with lots of emphasis on communications and action. This isn’t your father’s (or mine for that matter) national amateur radio association.

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