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I’m being accused of ageism (at least at home I am) after that last blog posting. And we’ve had a couple of other comments about why didn’t we meet via a teleconference and save all that money?

The answer is obvious to any of you who have ever chaired a volunteer committee or been a CEO, sales or marketing manager at a national or international company. There is no substitute for sitting across from the folks you’ve got to work with to get things done. Not only that, but the RAC board has a national teleconference every month as does the RAC executive team thanks to a new initiative by President Geoff.

Like any group, the RAC board and executive committee have to go through the forming, storming, norming and performing model of group development. It’s like the stages of grieving.You might not like it but every group, in our case, goes through it. Here’s a link to a Wikipedia entry group development as proposed by Bruce Tuckman’s model which he developed by in 1965. Getting together in person makes this growth process actually take place.

And believe me, I’d rather have stayed home and done some contesting rather than drive five hours to Ottawa and five hours back, stay up half the night listening to off key singing of a couple of wedding parties (congratulations Bob and Sally whoever you are) and other LOUD events that went on till dawn and then sit through a day and half of meetings. Lunch wasn’t much of a break as we had a real bag lunch. I’m not kidding. My tuna sandwich came in a real paper bag. Dinner, in comparison, was downright gourmet with two trays of lasagne and make-it-yourself salad.

Yes your RAC board and executive really whooped it up in Ottawa. NOT.

But I’m not complaining because it’s for the good of amateur radio which is a legacy my father left me when he became a silent key. We both loved ham radio ever since the day we visited Ray Hunter, VE3UR’s shack in Etobicoke. Uncle Ray  invited us to attend the Skywide Radio Club. This was back in the early 1960s when sideband was just rising to prominence and tube rigs like the Drake pair or the Hammarlund Hq-170 were state of the art. I never forgot that visit.

So while I appreciate the interest and the comments I have a thought for you!

Why don’t you get involved in a RAC committee? Ham radio in Canada sure could use you and your talents. Maybe you were involved in the past. Then bring that wonderful experience with you to help us all preserve the wonderful legacy of amateur radio in Canada for all the young and old amateurs yet to join us.

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