CBers exempt?

Eagle-eye reader Ken Grant, VE3FIT, noticed the Toronto Star Wheels editor quoting an Ontario ministry of transportationspokesperson as saying that since CB radios are hardwired into the vehicle, the microphones are not considered handheld devices and are thus exempt from the province’s distracted driving legislation Bill 118.

We fear this is an issue of the Toronto Star quoting itself from a previous erroneous statement made by a government official before the legislation was passed.

However I’ve got a call into the spokesperson for clarification.

Having said that: If you want to help fight to get a permanent exemption for amateur radio use by drivers in moving vehicles in Ontario then please do the following today:

  1. If you haven’t already, please renew your membership. We need to show the government that the amateurs in Ontario are part of an organized and determined group (RAC) dedicated to working towards a permanent exemption for ham radio;
  2. If you’re not a member (and go read the benefit statement for RAC) (here’s more) please join today (see above);
  3. If you are a member, please go to your local club, ARES groups, radio associations or neighbouring hams and ask them to support you and all the other amateurs in Ontario by becoming a RAC member today.
  4. Get ready to be asked to go visit your local MPP with a statement (which I’ll write for you) about why an exemption is warranted and how it will benefit the people of Ontario;
  5. Keep reading this blog for more information to come soon.

1 Response to “CBers exempt?”

  • I’m still waiting for the first citation to be handed out against a ham based on all this foolishness. Once that happens, it seems to me that RAC can also greatly assist in this effort by making that information public so that some of us with deeper pockets might be able to help the “scofflaw” create a legal defense fund to fight it.

    I remain absolutely convinced there is a glaring, jurisdictional disconnect between the federal Radio Regulations and what the Ontario Minister of Transportation is attempting to impose on our federally-licensed, Amateur Radio Service.

    Clearly, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation has absolutely NO legal authority to regulate not only federal, but INTERNATIONAL law, particularly when the Ministry has seen fit to grant blanket exemptions to other, similarly licensed federally regulated radio services.

    This is BESIDES the fact that there is absolutely no credible evidence….NONE….that the use of amateur radio equipment in a moving vehicle creates a traffic hazard.

    This whole issue is just another case of blatant overreach by our provincial government. Indeed, in their myopic attempt to regulate a problem that doesn’t exist, they have, in fact, created a glaring, federal-provincial jurisdictional disconnect in the process.

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