The $20 RAC display

At last month’s board of director’s meeting held in Ottawa, I was tasked with developing a cheap (read no cost) but professional looking membership display for RAC. Have you ever priced out table top displays? Most of the professional quality ones start at $300 or so and go up from there. And we need a bunch of them for all of the regional directors across the province.

So as a long-time public relations practitioner who is very well used to working with a zero budget, I put my thinking cap on and here’s the result: The $20 display.

I found a simple fold-out three-panel display for $18 at Staples. For display materials, I used my photo printer to make up some artwork. (Any photo printer will do. I’ve got one that does 81/2″ X 11″ and another one that does 16″X20″. If you don’t have access to such a big printer, WalMart or Blacks should be able to print out big posters on photo paper. Use photo paper as it is more substantial than ordinary paper and it doesn’t cost more than a couple of dollars to do.)

I printed out a couple of membership forms and I’m ready to roll.

BTW the small easel on the left in the photo runs around $25 and can hold up a foam board with a display photo affixed to it.

So with my $20 display in hand I hope to see everyone from the GTA area of southern Ontario at RadioWorld this Saturday for their Customer Appreciation Day.

Drop by and talk to me about what we can do about Bill 118 in Ontario which will mandate hands-free operation of your mobile rig.

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