Customer Appreciation Day

We had a great time at Toronto’s Radioworld Customer Appreciation Day on Saturday. It was great to meet old friends and to tell new folks about Radio Amateurs of Canada. It’s important for all of us to ask our fellow amateurs whether or not they are members with RAC. I can’t tell you how many times I heard something to the effect of “Oh yeah. I meant to send in my renewal.”

Amateur Radio in Canada has a bright but somewhat uncertain future.

We know that broad-band industrial users are eying our spectrum space. We have a big fight in Ontario to get the temporary exemption from the distracted driving legislation (Bill 118) made permanent. The Youth Education Program needs amateurs like you to go into the schools and help a new generation of future hams understand the mystery and romance of radio. And, that’s just scratching the surface.

So where should we start?

Let’s start with some of the great radio clubs in Canada. The Peel Amateur Radio Club wants to strive for 100 per cent RAC membership. That would be amazing. What other clubs have or approach 100 per cent RAC membership?

At Radioworld on Saturday representing the Peel ARC were (in photo from left to right): George, VE3WRG; Teresa, VA3TF; Paul, VA3PB; Bryan, VA3OG; and Jim, VA3JF.

If your club has a special event (like Field Day?) how about sending us a short writeup and photo for the blog?

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