Another Field Day Idea

Here’s another great idea for Field Day coming from Michel, VE2WMG

A great opportunity to demonstrate what is APRS, as the balloon is well equipped and could be followed during his flight. The main payload will consist in a VHF-UHF crossband repeater available to the amateur community while airborne. The repeater input frequency is 145.560 Mhz with a tone of 103.5 Hz and the output frequency is 445.525 Mhz. The power output of the repeater should be around 1.5 watts.

This will be a  bilingual (French and English) directed net and net control with be  Gerry VE2AW. Check-ins are invited to use the phonetic alphabet and then will be required to provide their nickname and location (QTH).  A commemorative QSL card will be issued to all stations which are confirmed by the net control station.

Here’s a link to the web page:

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