Help RAC Help YOU!

So here we go: 1,000 new memberships in the next 12 months!

Can we do it? Sure we can. It comes down to this: 10 new memberships (renewals count too) in each province  and territory per month for 12 months equals (10 X 13 X 12) 1560!

So how do we reach this goal? It’s easy if you’ll take a little time to help grow your national amateur radio association.

Here’s what I’m asking every RAC member to do over the next 12 months.

Please go to your next club meeting, ARES event, contesting dinner, Field Day or ham fest and personally ask 20 other amateurs to join or renew their memberships in Radio Amateurs of Canada. Here’s a link to a membership form you can print out and hand them.

For those of you who are club executives or Field Day organizers I’ve created instructions (with prices and hyperlinks to materials) on how you too can build your own inexpensive, highly effective and extremely visible RAC membership campaign display (which your club can use for their own purposes after the campaign). Here’s the link to the instructions.

So why do we need a stronger national voice?

Go ask any amateur radio operator in Canada who has tried to put up an antenna tower.

Go ask the hams in Ontario about Bill 118 and how we need to create a provincial lobby group to get the time-limited exemption made permanent.

Go ask the hams in British Columbia about the new BPL threat that just hit Vancouver.

And for all of us we need a strong national voice with Industry Canada and the ITU and other national and international governing groups.

This may come as a shock to some but amateur radio operators in Canada (and around the world) are going to see some of their frequency spectrum taken from them and given to the broadband communications industry. Why do I say that? Because the spectrum space the industry wants is worth an estimated $16-billion revenue and next to the military guess who currently uses most of this coveted space? Yup it’s amateur radio. We need to create a strong, active and engaged national organization and this membership campaign is just the first step.

Can Canada count on you? Will you do your part to help preserve amateur radio as we know it in Canada?

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