Get it…Use it…Keep it

This is the slogan I’ve suggested for our year-long RAC membership campaign. “Get it. Use it. Keep it.”

When I decided to get my ham license I turned to our national organization for some help in getting my ham ticket. Once I had my ticket I needed help (lots of help – still do) to get on the air and have fun. Now that I’ve been a member of RAC for a number of years I realize how vulnerable we are to misguided government regulations (I’m thinking of Bill 118, the distracted driving legislation in Ontario as well as the impact that local governmental “policies” have on our ability to erect towers on our private property among other issues) and to desires by the communication industry to get some of our frequency space for the development of broadband cellular telephone system.

Getting our amateur radio licenses has always taken some effort and so it should.

Getting on the air should require more knowledge than operating a CB set or cellphone and I’ve found building an operating an HF station required help from other hams as well as the purchase of more than one “how to” book like the RAC Operating Manual.

So I want to keep enjoying these privileges and ensure I can pass them onto a new generation of amateur radio operators. The best way to do that IMHO is to join our national organization and renew my membership every year (or sign up for three years) and to encourage other hams to do the same. So that’s what I’m doing this week. All of you who are listed on the RAC website or in TCA are going to get an email from me asking you to join me in promoting our national membership campaign.

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