We get mail – the RAC membership campaign

One thing RAC doesn’t have is a good up-to-date list of Canadian amateur radio clubs. Either that or I can’t type.

I’ve been spending hours typing up lists of email contacts for every club in Canada and (a) there’s a lot of them and (b) so far I’ve had about a 50 per cent failure rate. That’s a little disheartening. I’m about half way through so I’ll keep typing and posting as this is a key part of getting the information out about our year-long RAC Membership Drive.

I did get one response and that was from a guy who claims RAC has “disruptive effective Canadian Amateur Radio for too many years to count” and that he works “diligently to convince Amateur Radio folks regarding the inept activities of RAC”. Oh dear, I guess everyone needs a hobby but strangely my friend raises a good point.

RAC isn’t perfect because the folks who volunteer their time and talents aren’t perfect either. I’m not perfect and there’s a lineup at my door who will attest to that fact but I’m showing up and I’m doing my best. And part of that showing up is learning how to play fair with the other kids in the national sandbox we call RAC.

Amateur radio in Canada needs a national organization. Doesn’t matter to me if it’s called RAC or ruin :) but it does matter to me that we try to form a coalition of hams from coast to coast to coast.

Why? Because we have national-level issues that require national-level thinking and if you want to be part of that national-level thinking then you need to join the only national organization we’ve got and that is Radio Amateurs of Canada. And if you’re really steamed about the organization or the state of amateur radio in Canada then come join the working group at RAC. Trust me, I can find something for you to do. Anybody know how to type? :)

Or you could sit at home trying to convince others that the efforts of others is “inept”.

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  • Hi Peter;

    Oddly enough I have been a RAC member longer than I have been a ham, or a local club member. Three years back when I switched jobs, in-between I was looking for something new to do. Took advantage of a RAC come-on for a basic study guide and six-month membership. Only after that did I find a local club (Mississauga ARC) that could test me on my new-found knowledge.

    Been a RAC (and MARC) member ever since.


  • RAC is blessed to have the support of some of the powerhouse amateur radio clubs in Canada. The Mississauga ARC is certainly one as is the Peel ARC of which I was a member for many years.

    Let me know if your club (large or small – new or old) is a big RAC supporter. Maybe we should do a post about the great clubs we have in Canada?

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