Whose job is it?

I got an email this afternoon from one of the hardest working volunteers in RAC. In it he said he didn’t think it was his job to look for new members. I told him I absolutely disagreed.

I made my case that it was everybody’s job to help grow our national organization and we can’t afford to leave it up to the regional managers, the RAC board, the executive or even the president. It’s up to us ordinary RAC members like you and me. This is way too important a job to leave to anybody else but us.

Why us? Because we’re the folks that go to the meetings (I’m going to a Field Day meeting tomorrow night and I’m bring RAC membership forms with me). We’re the guys that go the Hamfests and fleamarkets. We’re the hams that run our clubs and other radio associations. We’re the folks who are going to benefit from growing a strong national voice for ham radio.

Building a strong national organization to help us grow and protect amateur radio in Canada isn’t the job of a handful of volunteers. It’s the job of the 5,000 of us who are currently members.

The national membership drive has a goal of reaching 6,000 memberships (new and renewals count) by Field Day of 2011. We can do this! We can accomplish this goal. But we can’t do it if some of the members leave it to others to get involved in the campaign.

Here’s the link to all the details about our RAC Membership Campaign.

Let me know your thoughts and don’t hesitate to email me directly at ve3hg@rac.ca

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