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I got my official thank you letter from President Geoff Bawden, VE4BAW, who personal thanked me for my membership in Radio Amateurs of Canada. Not only that but there was a genuine official RAC membership card attached. So for all you folks who have wanting the welcome letter to again be part of your RAC membership go thank Geoff. And by the way go thank the volunteers who stuff the 300 or so envelopes each month.

Sometime I wonder if RAC is thought of like we’re the ARRL with a multi-million budget and lots of staff people.?

RAC has always been a handful of volunteers who take some of their personal time away from the hobby, family and work to make ham radio in Canada better for every licensed amateur whether or not they are a member. And why do we serve none  non-members? It’s because that’s what national organizations do. They don’t have a parochial view but see a bigger picture for us all. Is it perfect? No. But despite my claims to the contrary neither am I. So we make do with what we have.

But how does it work? There’s a great shot on page 23 of the July/August issue of The Canadian Amateur that shows Chris Wiesner, VA3SM and Norm Rashleigh, VE3LC staffing the RAC table at the Smith Falls Fleamarket. I can think of other ways to spend my Saturday morning but strangely enough I’ll be with Doug, VE3JDF at the Ontario Hamfest in Milton, Ontario. And, that’s how it works. RAC members from across Canada volunteer to help make their national organization stronger and more vital to the health of amateur radio in this country.

So do you want to preserve and enhance your amateur radio experience in our wonderful hobby? Then join or renew your RAC membership today. You can do it online here. And best of all, now you’ll get a letter thanking you for your support and as a member you’ll have the opportunity to pitch in and help the hobby. It doesn’t get better than that :)

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  • Peter – still trying to figure out what “And why do we serve none members?” means – I’m sure there’s a typo intheres somewheres.. ;-)

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