WRTC – the video

I’m not suggesting that you’ve not got better things to do but here’s a link to the entire 24-hour WRTC-2010 contest as worked by R34P. Here you can hear what it sounds like to be in control of contest-quality station in full flight. The audio, provided by K5ZD and W2SC who were referees, is pretty good and it’s really quite educational if you’re an up-and-coming contester.

Maybe it’s just me but I found the recordings pretty exciting. :)

The WRTC-2010 web site also has a link to photos taken during the contest and WRTC volunteer Oleg Beov, UA6LP, has posted a video of the setup for one of the stations. The raising of the tower with beam attached shows one way how to do it.

Remember this is contest took place during a period of low and uncertain solar activity.

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