Where is RAC going?

I can’t help but shutter when I read the management troubles besetting our national police force. The situation was ugly and it’s getting uglier. So what can our national amateur radio organization learn from this troubling situation?

RAC is a national organization. As such it probably won’t come as much of surprise that over the years we’ve developed some intrenched ways of conducting business. Special interest groups have formed to work on some great projects that may have regional or local significance. Day to day new issues arise and are addressed to the best of our abilities. Friendships and alliances are forged and life goes on.

Over time, it gets increasingly difficult for the organization to keep doing business as usual. In fact, the concept of usual eventually flies out the window and there are sporadic complaints about how things are done and worries expressed about where we are going. Membership drops and finances are affected. Collectively we start grumbling about how “those guys” are doing it wrong. And perhaps, most damaging, we don’t get involved and just let the situation deteriorate.

Now I don’t think for a moment we’re in the same situation as the RCMP but RAC, as is any organization, whether be your amateur radio club, the place where you work or even life in your own home is subject to change over time. And when that time comes, it’s important to recognize the opportunity to realign and refresh the organization.

And that’s where RAC is right now.

We have an opportunity thanks to the vision of President Geoff Bawden, VE4BAW, and the support of the RAC Board of Directors and Executive group in bringing John Bartlett, HK3OZ, on board to lead us through a national change process. Now how we’re going to pull this off is another question. I’d love to be able to afford to bring all the stakeholders who wanted to participate into a big conference room for a week-long vision quest.

What would we talk about? Well we inherited our management structure. It’s worked for some years now but that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. How? That’s what we need to talk about. Same thing with where do you think RAC should be in 2015 or 2020 and how do we get there? That’s what we’d talk about and we’d want to include everyone. And when I say everyone I mean everyone: members, past members, non members, supporters, critics, government, CW guys, QRPers….well you get the point. We’re a national organization and we’ve got to include everyone in the discussion.

Now don’t roll your eyes :) If you haven’t been on one of these group visioning processes you don’t know what you’re missing. If you have you know the enormous benefit that can result from the enormous effort needed. It’s not an easy process but when everyone is involved and there is a willingness to be completely engaged and transparent change can happen. I’ve personally been involved in several lengthy group processes and I came away a much better person for it and a much stronger member of the group.

So getting all of together isn’t realistic. So what should we do?

Well we could start the conversation here. John and Geoff both have the ability to post directly to the blog. I’m looking forward to what they will have to say here. And we want to hear what you have to say.

So let’s get talking. It’s your turn :)

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  • Well said Peter!

    It all starts with a plan…


    de James, VE2KHC
    Quebec Director
    Radio Amateurs of Canada Inc. (RAC)

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