Why You Might Want To Join RAC

Okay so you’re a ham radio operator in Midwest City, Oklahoma and you get a letter from the city telling you that you are in violation of Section 27 of Midwest City’sOrdinances dealing with nuisances (of which you are clearly one) so now what?

First off you go lookup Section 27 which reads:

“In addition to other public nuisances declared by other sections of this Code or law, the following [is] hereby declared to be [a] public nuisance: Operating or using any electrical apparatus or machine which materially and unduly interferes with radio or television reception by others.”

Then you send a copy of your national organization, the American Radio Relay League, who get their general counsel to fire off a letter to the city manager telling him that since interference is a federal responsibility, the ordinance is null and void. Which might be easy for the general counsel to say but the individual amateur who received the notice saw that it included a demand that the amateur remedy the problem in one day or face fines of $100 minimum or 15 days in jail.

The ARRL has urged the city to rescind Ordinance 27 immediately and reminds the manager that the individual amateur has the full support of ARRL in any action he may choose to take in this connection.

Of course, here in Canada you could save yourself $50 a year in membership fees and go off and fight city hall on your own or you could join Radio Amateurs of Canada. It’s your choice.

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