The Halifax Amateur Radio Club is hosting the Maritime DX Forum this Friday and Saturday in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Part of this year’s DX Forum is Radio Amateurs of Canada’s Annual General Meeting. I understand the Halifax club to one of Canada’s most successful clubs with dedicated members and a proud history. They know how to organize a special event like this one and if you’re into DX you have to be there.

We’re grateful to the Halifax ARC to allow RAC to hold its AGM at their event. The meeting itself takes place on Friday afternoon and Geoff Bawden, VE4BAW, the president of RAC, will give his presidential report to the assembly. This is a significant moment in the history of RAC and may well dictate its future.

Like any organization, whether it be a church group, ham radio club or national association there comes a time when the leaders of the organization need to step back, take stock and commit themselves to change.

And not just change for the sake of change but change for the sake of the organization.

It comes as no surprise to anyone that over the last months and even years RAC has faced significant challenges and continues to do so. The national executive team has worked hard to do things right and they are to be commended. What an organizational re-examination does is allow the team to do the right things as well as doing things right.

Doing the right thing can be a painful process.

Individuals who signed up to do one job may find it uncomfortable to have their work scrutinized and challenged. This is especially true of volunteers who (and I’m talking about myself here) have no “skin” in the game. There’s no consequences to failure and no loss of respect if the volunteer quits and leaves.

Group renewal can shake long held beliefs which may be found to be outdated. Allowing new voices to be heard and new thoughts to be tested is fine in theory but can create doubt and anxiety in long-time participants. This process is called team building and it’s not everybody’s cup of tea. If RAC moves forward with this initiative we may see significant changes in policy and even personnel.

The attendees at RAC’s AGM this Friday may witness the birth of a new initiative. Some months back President Bawden introduced a renewal process that the RAC board of directors endorsed. On Friday, the attendees to the AGM may get a glimpse of the exciting future that could be created for RAC and Amateur Radio in Canada.

If you’re in the Halifax area this Friday, why not take an hour of time and attend the AGM and share your thoughts with President Geoff? And, if you can’t make it to Halifax please feel free to share your thoughts here.

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  • Just a suggestion but could the Presidents presentation be uploaded to Youtube so those of us not in the Halifax Area could see whats going on…

    If it was uploaded just after his talk then all of the RAC Membership could view it while it was still current…


  • Adding to VA3QV’s comment; if a video is not possible, then perhaps a text transcript could be posted to the RAC website?

  • We do have some comments posted from the RAC Prez… I guess they did not have to time to line up someone with the video capabilities but seeing that I suggested it on Thursday and the AGM was on Friday…. Time could of been an issue… I am waiting for the next of the Presidents posts on the agm…


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