About – RAC

The following objectives are excerpted intact from the RAC Constitution.

  1. To represent and act as a liaison and coordinating body for Canadian Amateur Radio Associations, Societies, Organizations and individual Amateur radio operators.
  2. To act as a liaison organization between its members and other Amateur radio organizations within and outside Canada.
  3. To represent Canadian Amateurs radio operators in policy decisions regarding international issues and regulation that affect Amateur Radio within the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and at meetings and conferences of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU).
  4. To act as a liaison organization and consultatory body to municipal, provincial and federal governments in matters concerning the Amateur Service and act as a liaison and consultative body to the Canadian Government and its appropriate departments.
  5. To promote excellence, the state of the art, and the interests of Amateur Radio’s many varied activities through a program of technical, regulatory and general information within the Amateur Service and to the Canadian public.
  6. To maintain a tangible presence in the Amateur radio operators community in the form of a corporate office and address.
  7. To maintain a “Field Organization” for public service.